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The Most Cliché ‘90s Car Commercial You’ll Ever See

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Relive the 1990s with this dope ad for the Suzuki X-90

Funny nostalgic 90s car commercial Suzuki X-90 Pez dispenser car

Nothing says “buy this 1990s car” like launching it from a Pez candy dispenser
Photo: Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.

‘Sup, dude! Are you looking for a bangin’ vid from back in the day? This old-school Suzuki ad is off the heezy. It’s so hella ‘90s, dawg, like the Pez dispenser shooting off rides. There’s so many dank clichés here, you’ll be buggin’ in your crib.

TL;DR: Check out this hilarious ’90s car commercial. It’s got a Pez candy dispenser that spits out cars.

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This ‘90s car commercial is a nostalgic time capsule

In the mid-1990s, Suzuki introduced a new economy-class two-seater SUV to the market: The X-90. It had a peppy drivetrain, bright colors, and a totally ‘90s design — boxy shape and soft-top to boot.

So what was the best way for Suzuki to promote the appeal of the X-90 to its fun-loving audience? With a car commercial that shot the X-90 out of a Pez dispenser. Yes, that was an actual commercial, and it’s a total blast.

The X-90 wasn’t the hit that Suzuki wanted it to be, but we were blessed with a 30-second time capsule of every 1990s stereotype: the cartoon-like sound effects, the faded jeans and tucked dress shirt fashion, and — of course — the Pez candy dispenser. The vehicle itself was a ‘90s cliché, down to its flashy interior trim, straight character lines, and flat spoiler.

Funny nostalgic 90s car commercial Suzuki X-90 Pez dispenser car retro

How much more 1990s can you get?
Photo: Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.

Jeremy Clarkson ripped the X-90 a new one on an early episode of Top Gear. Even if the X-90 wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, its advertisements certainly were. It’s one of the many forgotten car commercials that bring us back to our childhood.

What’s your favorite old-school car commercial to watch when you’re feeling nostalgic?

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