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The New Nissan Leaf Coming in September

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Nissan_Leaf_TeaserWe have been hearing rumors of a new Nissan Leaf for a while now. While we all love the Leaf as it is now, there is no question that the model is in need of an update. The model was revealed to the public in 2010, and then it was upgraded in 2013, but it is essentially the same vehicle we were all impressed with seven years ago. The good news is we don’t have long to wait for something new, as Nissan has just announced that the Nissan Leaf (that will probably be the 2018 model) is slated for reveal on September 6th.

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No pressure for Nissan’s engineers, but there is a lot riding on this latest model. Since this Leaf was debuted, the electric vehicle field has become much more crowded. The Chevrolet Bolt, which finally rolls out nationwide this summer, is one of the Nissan Leaf’s most direct competitors, and the new generation will have to prove that it has the range and style to take on the newer offering.

The industry experts at Road Show speculate that the Nissan Leaf will take some noticeable design cues from 2015’s IDS Concept car. Considering the importance Nissan has put behind autonomous driving and the safety technologies it creates, we also are predicting that the new Nissan Leaf will have the latest and greatest that Nissan has to offer by the time it rolls off of the assembly line.

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There are no details at this time from Nissan as to where the reveal will take place, but we will fill you in as more details are released.

News Source: Road Show