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The Nissan Sway Concept is One Edgy Hatchback

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Nissan Sway Concept

Nissan debuted its latest interpretation of the compact hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show this week, and the brand is calling it the Sway.

The Sway Concept uses Nissan’s new design language shared among its most recent concepts and applies it to the compact hatchback body style, which is popular in Europe, a continent well known for its tiny roads and expensive gas.

The edgy styling is relatively bold compared to modern European hatchbacks, but the blue interior makes this car undeniably awesome. It looks as if the seat covers were plucked straight from the blue turf of the football field in Boise, Idaho. There hasn’t been a car with a blue interior this beautiful since the late 70s. According to Nissan, the gliding wing shaped dashboard is inspired by that of the Nissan IDx concept that got everyone all excited and then disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Nissan Sway Interior

Official interior of the Boise State Broncos

The exterior paint color, named “bluish dawn grey,” is highlighted by orange accents. The construction of the vehicle is focused on reducing weight, employing aluminum structurally as well as aesthetically. The dramatic headlights and taillights on the Sway Concept adopt a “boomerang” style and use LED lamps. The panoramic glass roof will have no problem letting the blue sky in to blend seamlessly with the blue interior, which should make for some thrilling accounts of car sickness from the  passengers as they lose track of the horizon.

Since Americans aren’t too keen to hatchbacks, we probably won’t see a version of this on our streets any time soon, but the design language employed on the Sway Concept will certainly find its way to more Nissan crossovers and sedans.

Nissan Sway Concept