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The Road Closest to Home Can Impact Your Property’s Value

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Double Yellow Line
Photo: Peter Griffin

Homeowners are always looking to add value to their homes. From kitchen renovations to high-end finishes and curb appeal, there’s always something to update, refresh or add to make homebuyers take notice. But, did you know that the road a house is on or near can greatly impact its value?

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A busy street means excessive road noise from traffic and poses a danger to pedestrians. Plus, getting in and out of the garage and on your way will cost precious minutes thanks to traffic. A house that backs up to the highway means little peace and quiet in the backyard, a definite deterrent to potential homebuyers who want their home and its outdoor space to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Traffic lights are great for controlling traffic, but they can be annoying to homeowners who are privy to the stop and go movement day in and day out. Another sign that traffic will be your home’s next door neighbor is a road paved with a double yellow line. You’ll be able to get used to train whistles and the sounds of a railroad crossing eventually, maybe. Probably not.

A cul-de-sac, though, could be a buyer’s dream because it rarely sees heavy traffic, more privacy and provides peace and quiet to its residents. Although pavement is kinder to a vehicle’s undercarriage than a road paved with dirt and gravel, many homebuyers find it worth it for the greater amount of land and distance from traffic. A road paved with bricks or cobblestones presents a charming effect and will capture a homebuyer’s interest.

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Take a good look around your house if you’re trying to sell, and see if the road that leads you home might impact your asking price. If you’re in the market to buy, consider not only the property line but also what lies beyond.

News Source: U.S. News & World Report