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“The Sandlot” Director Tours Country in Honda Pilot for 20th Anniversary

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What would you say if I were to tell you that The Sandlot director David Mickey Evans opted to make the rounds for a 23-stop, six-month US tour to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his iconic comedy film entirely in a Honda Pilot?

Sure, that’s a rhetorical question.  But if your answer is not “You’re killin’ me, Smalls,” well, that makes our hearts very sad.

“The Sandlot” Director Tours Country in Honda Pilot

“The Sandlot” Director Tours Country in Honda Pilot

Rather than hit the cross-country stops—everywhere from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to Target Stadium in Minnesota—by logging a ton of frequent flyer miles, Evans is doing it all with his fiancé and German shepherd/appointed chief of security from the comfort of his Honda Pilot.

“I am not kidding. It’s been 34,000 miles,” Evans told USA Today in an interview.  “All in my Pilot. Dear Honda USA: Your Pilots are bullet proof. But long distance driving is bad on the back.”

The Pilot has brought the director some good luck: he proposed to his girlfriend Stacey McGillis in front of 1,500 Sandlot fans in Salt Lake City.  We assume that she accepted with the appropriate response of “yeah, yeah!”

The Sandlot 20th anniversary edition DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack is available now.  If you haven’t ever seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out, lest you find yourself called a scab eater or accused of bobbing for apples in the toilet.

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