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The Stella Lux: The 600-Mile Solar-Powered Car

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The Stella Lux is boxy, long, has an air tunnel through the middle, and is an award-winner.

As the second generation of the solar car built by the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, The Stella Lux was created to improve on the success of its predecessor, the Stella, at the biannual World Solar Challenge, a 1,864-mile odyssey through the Australian desert with only one recharge during the entire duration. The Stella won the race in 2013.

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That means that the Stella Lux, operating using one fully-charged battery and whatever solar energy it can glean while in motion, has to travel at least 932 miles. With a full charge, the car has a range of almost 700 miles, at 683.5 miles in a sunny area. In a less sunny area, it can go 621 miles.

With a range to beat most personal cars, the four-seat, Internet-connected, custom-program-navigated Stella Lux seems to suggest that mainstream solar-powered cars may not be far in the future.

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