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The Try Guys Learn About Car Care

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While YouTube sensations The Try Guys have made a lot of videos with cars in them, they don’t necessarily strike me as gearheads. Their latest series, called “The Try Guys Pimp Eugene’s Ride,” proves me both right and wrong. They might not know a lot about cars, but they’re willing to learn — and look silly doing it.

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The first episode of the series dropped on April 17 to explain the premise and get everything rolling, so to speak. Eugene Lee Yang, arguably the most fashionable of The Try Guys and the one you would expect to drive a cool car (or at least a stylish hatchback), actually tools around town in a drab, beat-up car. As Zach points out, this early 2000s model has every bumper popped out, and the scrapes seem to indicate that all four corners of the vehicle have scraped up against something.

Eugene knows that his fellow Try Guys are up to no good, but he leaves them alone with his car to turn it into something “better.” They’re not going at it alone, but with the help of Edwin Lopez, owner of Artistic Automotive Detailing. He’s known to the upper levels of California society as the best detailer money can buy, and he admits to The Try Guys at the beginning of the video that he’s never a detailed a car quite as crappy as Eugene’s.

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As with any project, you need to clean up and prepare for what’s to come before you dive in. In the case of Eugene’s car, that means the Try Guys learn from Lopez how to detail a car properly. Since they are working with someone who cleans vehicles worth more than the average home, they get to use automotive products and waxes that most of us only dream of.

You can check out the first episode below.  

Supposedly, we will get to see Eugene’s new ride in the next Try Guys video. If the blurred preview photos are anything to go by, it looks like this will be a crazy (but fun) mess.