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The Try Guys Reveal Eugene’s ‘New’ Car

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Last week, The Try Guys uploaded the final video in the small series that saw the team work to upgrade Eugene’s old car. The three men put a lot of love and care into their work, but it’s a hot mess in every sense of the phrase. Covered with colorful graphics, triceratops, and blown-up pictures of his friends’ faces, Eugene’s beater of a car now is something that certainly catches everyone’s eyes.

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After a day of fully detailing Eugene’s car with Edwin Lopez of Artistic Automotive Detailing, it was time to cover up its drab grey paint and body damage. For expert help, Ned, Zach, and Keith called the team at Fantazy Motorsports. Operations Manager Aurian Zolfonoon pulled up in a luxury car with a wrap that made it look like it was covered in fish scales, but the vinyl wraps he brought with him were more to the Try Guys’ tastes.

When describing what they wanted for Eugene’s rides, the three friends said they wanted to basically create a Try Guysmobile covered in their heads and racing stripes in their four colors. For additional insipiration, the Try Guys told the teams helping them that they wanted to imitate Jojo Siwa’s car, which also sports bright colors and her own face.

The Try Guys tried to help the experts but were shooed away so the work got done in a timely manner. When they ripped off the car cover to show Eugene, he collapsed on the ground. However, it was not with joy, but in pure despair.

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Watch the reveal for yourself below and see what you think of the result of “Pimp Eugene’s Ride.”

While Eugene was upset at his car’s new looks, the Try Guys reported at the end of the video that he’s been driving the car around Los Angeles for weeks. However, he is looking for a new car to replace this masterpiece. Automakers looking to connect to the coveted young driver demographic should probably give him a call – given how often The Try Guys do driving videos, it’s bound to turn up in an episode before too long.