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Thief Steals, Repairs SUV Before Being Caught

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Well, it’s someone’s lucky day (and another person’s very unlucky day).

When Shane Peters’ SUV broke down on the highway back in June, he didn’t have enough money to buy a tow, so he was forced to abandon it on the side of the road, to be recovered when he had raised the cash.

Then, after about a month had passed, Peters’ family was faced with a startling sight. On July 12th, his wife Chelsea and her grandmother were driving to the grocery store when they saw an eerily familiar vehicle pulling out of an Exxon gas station.

It was the abandoned SUV. The pair followed it, talking to police all the while, until the officers caught up.

It turned out that the thief had repaired the car’s drive shaft, which was the reason the car broke down, and replaced three of the tires.

Car thief

Pictured: the man with the Midas Touch

On the other hand, the thief damaged the steering column so that the car has to be turned on by tools rather than by keys and put about 30 small bags of meth in the center console (confiscated by police). Unfortunately, the Peters family will have to foot the bill for the driving column, but Shane was probably speaking to the feelings of his whole family when he said, “I’m very happy we got it back.”