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Thief Steals Sunglass from Car, But Passes on $1 Million Lottery Ticket

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Couple almost loses $1 million lottery ticket to car thief

Couple almost loses $1 million lottery ticket to car thief
Photo: KIRO 7

If there is one thing that Home Alone taught us, it’s that criminals are very, very stupid. And maybe that kids are totally capable of leaving the nest at age 10, instead of 18—so two things actually. A recent story out of Washington proves the former.

One very unlucky and simultaneously very lucky couple in Seattle say their car was broken into several months ago, but all they noticed missing was a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses, in fact, had been sitting atop a lottery ticket, but the criminal left that behind.

Skip ahead to February 11th, when the Washington Lottery was drawing for a $350 million jackpot. The couple knew they did not win when their numbers weren’t called, so that seemingly useless piece of paper sat inside their car even longer. It wasn’t until May 14th, earlier this month, that one of them checked the ticket and realized that, although they hadn’t won the jackpot, they still had won $1 million.

And then it dawned on them that the criminal could have very easily taken the ticket when stealing the sunglasses months prior.

“What a close call!” they told the Lottery.

They used their winnings to fund a trip to Paris and Iceland, buy a bottle of champagne, and do some home maintenance. No word yet, however, if they bought a new pair of sunglasses.