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Three Little Pigs Houses Appear Where Pig-Carrying Semi Crashed in Xenia

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Loose pigs in Xenia, Ohio

A photo of authorities as they round up loose pigs in Xenia after a semi-truck carrying the swine overturned
Photo: Micah Riffle

Last week was a weird one for animals on the highway. A semi full of cows crashed and freed the bovine all over the interstate on the very same day that a truck transporting sharks to a New York aquarium did the same exact thing. And just a couple days before, a semi-truck in Xenia, Ohio, crashed and freed thousands of little pigs that were to be raised for slaughter.

Now, some jokesters with endless creativity and nothing better to do (because Xenia, Ohio) have constructed three houses along US Route 35 where the pig accident happened—one house of straw, one of sticks, and one of brick. You see where this is going.

Three Little Pigs Houses Appear Where Pig-Carrying Semi Crashed in Xenia

You can see the houses of straw, sticks, and brick that appeared along US Route 35 following the pig incident, directly behind Dayton Daily News reporter Marshall Gorby

The houses were first spotted yesterday, meaning they were probably erected sometime on Sunday night. These things had some intricate detail to them—the brick house even had its own satellite and floral arrangements. Kudos to the artists behind this.

Authorities have not indicated how many pigs are left unfound. Original estimates said that 300 or 400 of the 2,200 pigs died during the accident, but it is now believed that nearly half of them perished. While most of the remaining ones have been rounded up, there are still several porkers at large. At least now they have a place to stay.

News Source: Dayton Daily News