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Three Lucky Customers Receive Opel Ampera-e Vehicles on Norwegian Day

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First Opel Ampera-e deliveries in Norway

How was your Norwegian Constitution Day?

No matter how enthusiastic your celebrations, it probably didn’t hold a candle to the holiday experience of three lucky Opel customers in Norway who received their Ampera-e in front of the Oslo Hall on May 17, 2017.

Norway is the most mature EV market in the world, and so far Opel has received more than 4,000 customer orders for the Ampera-e from Norwegian customers alone, with some even placing reservations before the car hada been revealed at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016. Now three very fortunate Norwegian customers have become the first in the nation to collect their new electric cars.

In an act of color coordination with the Norwegian flag, a red, a white, and a blue Ampera-e were handed over to Turid Høiem, Bente Østreng, and Helmer Teksdal on Norwegian Day.

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“I am delighted that we have been able to present the first three proud Ampera-e owners with their cars. The Ampera-e makes everyday electro-mobility feasible and is presently the car to beat in its segment,” said Opel Vice President Sales & Aftersales Peter Christian Küspert.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and I’m very excited,” said Bente Østreng from Oslo. She is the proud owner of the blue Ampera-e. “We are already looking forward to taking it for the first long journey to our cabin in Sweden.”

Thanks to its fast running rivers and waterfalls, Norway is able to generate clean energy based on electricity from hydropower, making the country a perfect habitat for electric cars. The country also offers incentives such as no sales tax, access to bus lanes, and free parking, which make electric cars even more attractive to the population. Over 150,000 electrified cars are already on Norway’s roads, which is pretty impressive when you consider that the country only has five million inhabitants.

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