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Timeline for When Certain Cadillac Models Will Start Offering Super Cruise

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The 2016 Cadillac CT6 will be the company's new flagship sedan

Currently, the Cadillac CT6 sedan is the only model in the lineup that offers the brand’s Super Cruise technology. If you’re not familiar with this semi-autonomous driving system, it provides drivers with some hands-free functions to make long journeys a bit easier. It also complements Adaptive Cruise Control by automatically engaging the acceleration and braking systems to improve safety.

Now, Cadillac has revealed which of its models will start adding Super Cruise, and when. Here’s an overview of the purported timeline.

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The 2020 Cadillac CT5  
Photo: Cadillac

Super Cruise timeline

The 2020 CT5 will be the next model to offer Super Cruise. It’s set to arrive at dealerships sometime this fall. However, Super Cruise won’t be immediately available at the time of this model’s release. Super Cruise will be available on the CT5 later on in the 2020 model year, according to GM Authority.

The 2020 CT4 is the second model that will incorporate Super Cruise. After that, the 2021 Escalade will adopt the technology. Considering that the Escalade is the brand’s most distinguished model it makes sense that it will be one of the first models to include a high-profile feature like Super Cruise.

Last but not least, Cadillac will add Super Cruise to its crossover lineup. If you’re a fan of the sporty XT4 — or its siblings, the XT5 and XT6 —  you’ll soon have one more reason to appreciate these models. Per GM Authority, it’s expected that the tech will appear on the crossovers starting with the 2022 model year.

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