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Tips for Storing Your Sports Car in Winter

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2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1

Winter weather, with its dirty slush, ice-covered streets, and biting winds, isn’t the most ideal season to show off your gorgeous sports car. Of course your sports car can handle the wrath of Old Man Winter, but why risk exposing your favorite ride if you don’t have to? If your car is ready to hibernate in your garage, here are some tips from the experts at Family Handyman to keep your sports car safe inside until the gentler season of spring arrives.

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Start with preventative maintenance.

“Before you store a car for winter, change the oil and filter and run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the clean oil. Fresh oil provides the ultimate in corrosion protection for winter storage,” advises Family Handyman.

Grease fittings should get a fresh dose of grease, and white lithium grease on the door hinges and hood latch will help fight corrosion. All weather stripping should be sprayed with silicone spray or Teflon lube.

“Before you store your car for winter, stop at an auto parts store and buy a fresh bottle of fuel stabilizer. Then fill the tank at the gas station and pour in the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer. Drive the car around for about 15 minutes to get the stabilizer mixed into the gas and spread throughout the fuel system,” reports Family Handyman.

Propping your car up on jack stands will help prevent your tires from developing “flat spots.” Your tires’ psi should be reduced to approximately 25, too.

To prevent rodents or other critters from taking up residency in your vehicle, seal your car’s openings.

Then, focus on your car’s battery.

“There’s no way your battery will stay charged over the winter. And once it loses its charge, it can freeze. Then it’s toast. Either remove it and store it indoors, or keep it at full charge by hooking it up to a battery maintainer,” according to Family Handyman.

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Finally, cover your car with a breathable-fabric covering.  

News Source: Family Handyman