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Tips for Taking the Best Instagram Car Photos

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shelby cobra instagramInstagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with people posting everything from the important to the mundane. Be it a candid moment, a special occasion, or posting pictures of your loved ones, Instagram is a great place to document your daily life (or peek at others’ lives). Some people love taking pictures of cars for their Instagram feed. If this describes you, follow these tips for taking the best Instagram car photos.

Always chase the light

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are the ideal times to take photos. Low-angle sunlight usually adds warmth and texture to an image. Dimmed lighting will balance the image elements more easily.

Control the depth of field

De-focusing the background highlights the subject. By setting the aperture as wide as possible and boosting the shutter speed, you can get better shots.

Avoid shooting at an eye level

Many people make the mistake of shooting at eye level in front of the car. This is one of the least flattering angles. Aim your camera above or below eye-level to get a better shot. You can always use a ladder or a step stool for high angles.

Learn to surprise people

A direct, straight-down-the-middle shot can create an impact, especially if you are trying to do something novel with the image. Try shooting new images and learn to surprise people with ideas that can turn your ride into a great Instagram car.

Get inside

Car interiors are an integral part of any driving experience, but it can be a challenge to capture quality interior images. You can always get inside the car to capture the best shots along with background. You can either make the background sharper with a high aperture or just opt for the opposite with a sharp background and a blurred foreground.

One of the most important tips to get that ideal car picture is to follow your instincts and pursue your vision. If there is a particular shot you want to experiment with, go for it.

Tyre City has released an infographic (#Instagramyourcar) which focuses on top 10 Instagram cars, including the Jeep Wrangler, Honda Civic, and Mazda 3.infographic instagram cars

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