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Tom Cotter Starts YouTube Series “Barn Find Hunter”

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Tom Cotter Barn Find Hunter

Here at The News Wheel, we really like stories about cars that were thought to be lost to rust and time found in random barns or old dealerships. The book Barn Find Road Trip explored author Tom Cotter and his team’s journey in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland to find these hidden caches of cars. We’re happy to report that Cotter has teamed up with classic car insurer Hagerty to produce his own YouTube series about these hidden gems called Barn Find Hunter.

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Now, it’s really tempting to make fun of Cotter, especially because in the book Barn Find Road Trip, Cotter clearly is not a fan of shows like American Pickers that make finding old cars look oh-so-easy. With the first episode of the series, which takes place in Savannah, Georgia, clocking in at just over 11 minutes long, it’s hard to see how this series can be any more in-depth than the History Channel offering, which features two men in an hour long episode.

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After watching the episode, I’m a bit disappointed because Cotter seems to fall in the same hole that American Pickers does. While the episode has some great shots of cars left out to gather rust, dusty old rides in garages, and cars in the midst of restoration, Cotter doesn’t disclose how he finds these cars. On his first stop, he mentions that he “heard around town” about the tow yard filled with retro rides, but after that we don’t get any more details. He does give some interesting facts about the cars he finds, though.

Perhaps to truly understand the method to Cotter’s madness you need to pick up a copy of the book that helped create the series.

News Source: AutoWeek