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‘Top Gear’ Now Has Behind-The-Scenes Show Called ‘Extra Gear’

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Rory Reid Extra Gear

Rory Reid will be hosting a behind-the-scenes show called Extra Gear

The new season of Top Gear is getting ready to shift into high gear with its entirely new cast of co-hosts. While lovers of the show are waiting in suspense to see if it will still be good without Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, BBC has decided to tempt its viewers with something they’ve never seen before—an spin off show that gives them a look at the behind-the-scenes action.

That’s right, Top Gear is going to be joined by a half-hour behind-the-scenes show called Extra Gear, which will be hosted by one of the new co-hosts, Rory Reid.

Extra Gear host Rory Reid announced this new behind-the-scenes look at Top Gear through He stated, “The Top Gear fans are some of the keenest in the world and with this show I’m giving them the chance to really get a peek behind the curtain… [I’m] looking forward to showing them how the show is made and what goes on behind the scenes, giving viewers a different perspective on some of the coolest cars on the planet.”

So, maybe we’ll get a glimpse of all the drama that seems to be swirling around the new Top Gear cast?

Yeah, probably not. One can hope though, right?

The new show will be aired on BBC America alongside the new Top Gear season, so there’s no need to worry about catching it on the car show’s website.

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