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Towing Company Charges Jeep Owner $48,000 For Getting Stuck in Mud

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Jeep Cherokee Stuck in Mud

Joel Ramer was charged a $48,000 towing fee after getting his Jeep Cherokee stuck in a mud pit
Photo:Fox25 News

What started out as a night of fun for Joel Ramer and his girlfriend, ended with Ramer emptying out his bank account.

The Walpole, Massachusetts resident and his girlfriend were having some good ole off-roading fun in his old Jeep Cherokee when he landed in a mud pit. After calling for help, the Walpole Police Department arrived with their go-to towing company—Assured Collision. It took the company 12 hours to pull the SUV out of the mud pit, and when the feat was finally done, Ramer found himself in a bit of a money pit.

“When I went to pick up the vehicle from Assured Collision, he’d informed me there was some damage done to the vehicle, but didn’t get into details,” Ramer told Fox25 News in an interview. “He also informed me the bill was $48,000. I thought they made a mistake.”

Assured Collision is billing him $16,000 for an on-scene supervisor at $1,250 per hour. He is also being charged more than $10,000 for an off-road recover incident response unit and a $5,000 fee for dangerous condition liability insurance. The total outcome comes to $48,435.

According to the owner of Assured Collision, his seven-man team was in dangerous conditions due to the proximity of power lines. He believes the fees reflect the industry standard, but the Statewide Towing Association disagrees: “Although Statewide Towing Association has not had a chance to review the actual invoice, the rates quoted in the news article appear to be significantly in excess of the industry standard.”

The Association says the industry average fee for an on-site supervisor is between $175-323 an hour. It has also never heard of dangerous condition liability insurance, for which Ramer was billed $5,000.

After the mud pit and the tow, the Jeep Cherokee is now completely totaled. Not only are the frame and leaf spring broken, but so is the drive shaft.

As if this hefty towing bill wasn’t enough, Ramer also got arrested and cited for trespassing and disturbing the peace. He was unknowingly off-roading on private property belonging to the utility company.

News Source: Fox25 News