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Toyota Aqua Air Concept Debuts in Tokyo, Looks Like Barbie Car

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In 1997, the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop sensation Aqua took American airwaves by storm with their surprising smash hit “Barbie Girl.”  These were somewhat dark times, but we emerged from them having learned a valuable lesson about liking eccentric pop songs from other countries (although not enough to stop some of the more egregious offenses of the 21st century).

This brings us to the Toyota Prius, known as the Toyota Aqua in Japan.  At this past week’s Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota rolled out a convertible concept that keeps all of the eco-friendly qualities that make the Prius so popular and ups the fun quotient considerably.  Enter the Toyota Aqua Air Concept.

Toyota Aqua Air Concept

The Toyota Aqua Air Concept: A Convertible Fit for Barbie and Ken

Toyota’s official blog in the UK states that the Aqua Air Concept uses the same 1.5L Atkinson cycle petrol engine/electric motor/CVT transmission hybrid powertrain as the Aqua G Sports—that means 100 horespower and 100 miles per gallon.  Not too shabby.

So why the esoteric 90s pop reference?  Why did we feel the need to fill your brain with 15 year old pop hooks that drove you crazy in a past life?  Doesn’t the Aqua Air Concept just look like something Barbie would drive?  We think so!  C’mon, Barbie, let’s go party!

Please accept our apologies.