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Toyota Creates Working Model Car

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Working Model CarDid you put together model cars when you were younger? Did you ever wish you could drive them? Toyota has made your wish come true. At the Tokyo Toy Show, Toyota brought out the Camatte 57s—an electric-powered toy car that the whole family can put together and drive.

It has 57 colored panels that can be easily swapped out to give the car a new look. It can go from a cute beach buggy to a sporty racer. The driver’s seat, which is placed in the middle of the car, is adjustable so both adults and children can drive. There are two back seats with duplicate control pedals so adults can help steer and brake while the kids are driving.

Toyota didn’t say how fast it could go, but we doubt its top speed would be much more than 10 mph. Now before you try to head out and buy one for yourself, hit the brakes. Toyota will most likely never put this innovative family car into production. You can, however, watch this video to see how it’s put together.

Would your family enjoy a project like the Camatte 57s if it were offered to the public?