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Toyota December Sales, Year-End Sales Figures Released

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As yet another month ends, automakers across the board are releasing their sales figures for December; only this month, they’re also releasing their year-end sales figures. For Toyota Motor, sales in December increased 12.7% year-over-year, which brought the year-end total sales gains to 6.2% for 2014. Not a bad year for the Japanese automaker!

Toyota December Sales

Toyota December sales were up 12.7% thanks to the Highlander

Toyota Division in particular had an excellent December, with sales totaling 12.2% more than sales in December of 2013. For 2014, that meant that Toyota’s sales increased 5.1% over sales in 2013. Best-sellers for December included sales records set for the Highlander and RAV4, as well as light trucks. The 4Runner saw its best month of the entire year, while Corolla sales soared 33.5%, and Sienna sales increased 25%.

For 2014, Toyota Division was clearly the industry’s #1 retail brand, with total sales of 2,373,771. The Camry held onto its title of America’s best-selling car for the 13th year in a row, and the Corolla was the best-selling subcompact of the year. Additionally, the Avalon beat out other premium vehicles to become the best-seller in that segment, and the RAV4 and 4Runner both set new one-year sales records.

Toyota December Sales

The Toyota Corolla

“The industry finished last year on a high note thanks to a strong economic tailwind,” expressed Bill Fay, Toyota Division Group Vice President and General Manager. “That momentum should continue in 2015 and combined with continued strong replacement demand, boost sales further.”

Happy New Year to Toyota! We’ll be watching closely to see if 2015 is as successful as its predecessor was!