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Toyota Esquire Minivan Seduces Japanese Drivers

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Lately at The News Wheel, we’ve been all about SEMA (and for good reason). But, apparently, auto-related things are happening outside the world of SEMA this week, too. We know—shocking! One of these things was the introduction of the Toyota Esquire minivan to the Japanese market. “A minivan,” you might be thinking; “big deal!” But this minivan is a big deal, because it’s kind of amazing, and we want to share it with you.

Toyota Esquire Minivan

Toyota Esquire Minivan

The Toyota Esquire minivan is no ordinary people-carrier; it’s an eco-friendly hybrid powered by a 1,797 cc gasoline engine paired with a 60 kW electric motor. This allows the minivan to achieve a fuel efficiency rating of 23.8 km/L, which translates to around 56 mpg. That’s around the same level of efficiency as a Prius.

Not only is the Toyota Esquire minivan super efficient; it’s also pretty pleasing on the eye. A T-shaped grille dominates the front end, while the sides boast continuous windows through to the third seating row, making visibility no problemo. The Esquire has a bold stance, and draws the eye with its openness and sheer size. A burgundy synthetic leather interior oozes luxury, and red and piano black accents offer splashes of color while still remaining tasteful.

The seven-seater minivan is perhaps better suited to a pack of Japanese businessmen than a family, and our knowledge of Japanese businessmen through commercials tells us they often move in packs. All kidding aside, though, the Toyota Esquire minivan is sure to be a hit among Japanese drivers. It’ll probably never reach our shores, but in the meantime, we can dream about a pretty damn cool minivan. Who’d have thought we’d ever utter those words?

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