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Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Accepting Nominations

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Toyota Family Teacher of the Year

Toyota Family Teacher of the Year

Being a teacher can be a tiring, unrewarding experience—can you imagine keeping 25+ kids of any age engaged? How about giving up your free weekend to grade 150 five-page papers? Teachers deserve a lot more credit than they’re given, something that you can now change. Toyota is now accepting nominations for the Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award, giving your child’s teacher the chance to win $20,000 for his or her school.

The Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award looks to bring awareness and recognition to those teachers that understand the importance of including family in educational development. In partnership with the National Center for Families Learning, Toyota is looking to honor a teacher’s school or educational program that focuses on intergenerational engagement, whether it’s through the use of technology in the classroom or encouraging students to learn from their parents and grandparents.

In order to qualify for the award, each nominee should be the epitome of engaging families in their school or community-based organization, encourage parents and children to learn together, have a record of success with their program, use innovative ideas to expand and strengthen family engagement, serve a community with low literacy and socioeconomic ratings, and be successful at exchanging these educational practices with educators and families across the country.

Do you know a teacher that deserves the Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award? Place your nomination here!