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Toyota and Fashion Bomb Daily Partner to Produce Video Series

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Toyota and Fashion Bomb Daily

Toyota and Fashion Bomb Daily Partner to Produce Video Series

As the leading automaker in the world, Toyota often enlists the help of celebrities and personalities from all walks of life to act as lifestyle ambassadors. The latest of such ambassadors is Claire Sulmers, founder of website Fashion Bomb Daily. Through a partnership between Toyota and Fashion Bomb Daily, a series of videos starring Sulmers will be made to appeal to fashionistas across the globe.

The video series is called “Let’s Go Places with Claire,” and features Sulmers living life in trusted Toyota vehicles. In the series, Sulmers and her friends will go on road trips, shopping sprees, and head to fashion shows, all within the comfort afforded by a Toyota. In the first episode, which was posted at the end of October on Fashion Bomb Daily, Sulmers and her friends pile into a Highlander and head to Cape Cod for a round of golf. Check out the video below.

“A true fashion diva pays attention to all elements of style including the car she steps out of,” said Sulmers. “Living the bomb life definitely includes Toyota. I hope my readers will join me on my fun adventures in the newest and most stylish Toyota vehicles.”

Since Sulmers has so many followers, the partnership between Toyota and Fashion Bomb Daily is expected to reach 2.4 million people online. Sulmers will also feature in a number of Toyota commercials for popular vehicles such as the new 2015 Camry.

Jim Colon, vice president of African American Business Strategy at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, commented, “The partnership between Toyota and Fashion Bomb Daily is a new venture to help us better connect with one of our key consumer segments – African American women. With Claire Sulmers as a lifestyle ambassador, we are able to align our vehicles with what’s hot, trendy and fashionable. It’s a great way to showcase how our cars fit with the lifestyles of our consumers, African American women who love fashion and Toyota.  It’s a perfect fit.  We look forward to doing more with Claire and Fashion Bomb Daily.”

Stay tuned to Fashion Bomb Daily and Toyota’s African American social media channels to see more videos as they are released to the public.