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Toyota FV2 Concept is Demon Segway, Has Cool LCD Surface Too

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Toyota FV2 Concept

The recently unveiled Toyota FV2 Concept

Have you ever hopped aboard a Segway and thought, “Man, I wish this thing would go so much faster?” If you have, you’re a braver person than I (or you might just be insane). Either way, you may just get your chance. At the Wednesday opening of the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota unveiled its FV2 Concept, which is the stuff of my nightmares. (I don’t do so well on motorcycles, full disclosure.)

The Toyota FV2 Concept is quite similar to the Segway, only it can go much faster. Just like the Segway, the Toyota FV2 Concept is steered by a shift in weight. And also like a Segway, you’re standing up the whole time. (See the terrifying photo below for proof.)

Toyota FV2 Concept

A driver stands on the Toyota FV2 Concept.

This terrifying concept (and let’s thank God it’s just a concept for now) stands only 90 centimeters high when “parked,” but like a Transformer from hell, the Toyota FV2 Concept seems to come alive as it opens up, becoming a seat-less motorcycle ready to rock and roll.

Toyota FV2 Concept

The Toyota FV2 Concept’s windshield is an augmented reality display.

As frightening a death trap as this monster seems, it would be, in all actuality, quite harmless as a production vehicle—and okay, yes, I may be tempted to try it out sometime. (But I won’t enjoy it; you can’t make me.) The thing is geared for safety, after all. With four wheels, the driver’s weight is distributed evenly: there is one wheel in the front, two in the center, and one in the rear, in a cross layout. Not only that, but the Toyota FV2 Concept actually has a pretty neat augmented reality display on the windshield, the purpose of which is to make oncoming objects specific colors to notify the driver of their presence. How this is done, I don’t know—we are talking about a concept car for the future, after all.

Other nifty features include the light up displays on the middle wheels that will cycle through varying colors and distinct patterns. But that’s not all you can customize. Via touchscreen displays, you can also cycle through custom paint jobs. No, I’m serious. Toyota lets you decide the color of the vehicle with the press of an on-screen button.

So I’ll leave it up to you. Horrifying motorcycle owned by Satan himself, or fun and innovative Segway of the future?