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Toyota Hydrogen Car Announced for 2015

The maker of the Prius advances into new environmentally-friendly territory.

The Toyota FCHV-adv paved the way for a Toyota hydrogen car.

Honda Accord Hybrid (Photo: stevelyon)

Honda Accord Hybrid (Photo: stevelyon)

Honda Accord Hybrid (Photo: Automotive Rhythms)

Honda Accord Hybrid (Photo: stevelyon)

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Toyota has confirmed that they will launch their first fuel cell sedan on the American market in 2015, making them a leader in the hydrogen technology. The cost of producing hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles has fallen significantly; they can now be made for around $50,000. Customers can anticipate a price of up to $100,000 per car.

The hydrogen cars generate electricity from hydrogen through fuel cells. With zero emissions, this technology proves transportation can be Eco-friendly and highly efficient. California will likely be the first state to offer these vehicles, as it plans to have 68 hydrogen fueling stations by the end of 2015.

Along with hydrogen technology, Toyota plans to continue to develop their existing technology in order to appeal to everyone.

“We must go multi-track. We must improve gasoline and diesel engines,” said Satosy Ogiso, Toyota’s energy maven. “We must increase the number of hybrid models. We must produce the plug-in hybrid. We must develop city commuter electric vehicles. We already started small production of fuel cell vehicles. We must do all these improvements at the same time.”

There has been a growing concern for creating new energy efficient vehicles, and moving away from the use of fossil fuels. With the company already leading the way in green cars with the ever-popular Prius, a Toyota hydrogen car will certainly be one of the most highly anticipated models for 2015.

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