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Toyota Hydrogen Car Could Be Groundbreaking

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Toyota Hydrogen Car

The UK’s Minister of Manufacturing, Mark Prisk, fuels up a Toyota Hydrogen Car
Photo by bisgovuk on Flickr

Hydrogen fuel cells have always been tricky business. In theory, they could be the perfect power source for motor vehicles. Hydrogen doesn’t suffer from the scarcity of gasoline, and hydrogen fuel cells can be used to produce electricity while emitting only water vapor. Unfortunately, they have historically been very expensive to manufacture, with some prototypes costing $1 million to make.

But it seems Toyota has found a way to make it work nonetheless, as it plans to introduce its new model to the US “for a price comparable to a mid-size BMW or Tesla Model S,” (Bloomberg). The possibility of a Toyota hydrogen car has created aspirations for the company to surpass its success with the hybrid gasoline-electric Prius. Right now the hydrogen fuel car is estimated to go about 300 miles per full tank.

Toyota hasn’t given us a lot more details on the vehicle, which it first teased about in 2011, but we do know that it will be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show this November, where we can expect to receive a lot more information.