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Toyota Improving Sustainable Mobility in Germany

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Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0

Toyota is helping improve sustainability in public transit systems
Photo:AEMoreira042281 via Wikimedia

Across the globe, residents of major cities rely on transport systems to get them around. As people in general become more concerned with the environment, so too do major companies. Toyota is one company concerned about environmental impact, especially when it comes to sustainable mobility in the world’s major cities. That’s why the Japanese automaker has signed up to be part of the Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0, which is developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Mobility (WBCSD).

The WBCSD has developed a process that helps identify transport priorities and measures to improve and enhance various cities’ transportation systems. Currently, the process is being tested in six major cities: Lisbon, Portugal; Campinas, Brazil; Chengdu, China; Indore, India; Bangkok, Thailand; and Hamburg, Germany.

Toyota is one of 14 companies involved in the project, and is helping by participating in a city task force with Hamburg’s Department for Economy, Transport and Innovation. The task force will help determine the needs of Hamburg’s transportation system, and will come up with a structured plan to improve sustainability within the system, while making it operate smoothly for passengers. Additionally, Toyota is involved in a similar task force in Bangkok.