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Toyota Introduces Camatte Vision at Tokyo Toy Show

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Toyota Camatte Vision

The Toyota Camatte Hajime

Since 2012, Toyota has showcased various versions of a toy concept car at the Tokyo Toy Show, and this year will be no exception. The customizable Camatte will be on display in its latest form, as the Camatta Hajime, and will allow families to have fun playing around with its different variations.

The Hajime is the sixth version of Toyota’s Camatte. “Hajime” means “beginning” in Japanese, and the vehicle was so named to show that the fun of the concept is just beginning, and that there will be much more to come as the years pass. This year, families can customize the Camatte using “Camatte Vision.” To use this new technology, you’ll have to take a picture of yourself and your family inside the Camatte Hajime, and then use one of the available tablets to customize the vehicle using the 13 available body types and 12 available colors. You’ll then be able to see your car in action by holding the tablet over the road on the model driving course, which will make your design appear on the road—and your family inside it.

Toyota Camatte Vision

Toyota’s booth at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show

You’ll be able to choose from vehicles like ambulances, crane trucks, hot dog trucks, and fire trucks, and you’ll be able to try various configurations so you can pick your favorite. If you’ll be at the Tokyo Toy Show this year, be sure to look out for the Camatte Hajime, because it looks pretty bad-ass to us!

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