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Toyota LifeTime Fitness RAV4 Features a Hot Water Shower

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Toyota LifeTime Fitness RAV4When we heard that Toyota was designing a RAV4 for triathletes to display at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, we figured there would be some bike racks and maybe a cool navigation system.  We were right about the bike racks, but we severely underestimated everything else that would go into the Toyota LifeTime Fitness RAV4.  Say, for instance, a fully-functional shower.

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The most impressive feature by far is the hot water shower that has been placed in the back of the Toyota LifeTime Fitness RAV4.  When you finish a triathlon and you’re covered in sweat, you can hop in the shower, close the rear liftgate and scrub down.  And don’t worry about those stinky clothes, because the LifeTime Fitness RAV4 has a spin dryer and stink-protected storage compartments, of course.

The post-race amenities in the Toyota LifeTime Fitness RAV4 don’t end there.  The front passenger seat can provide a shiatsu massage while you look over race statistics on the integrated iPad.

What’s that? You’re feeling a little famished after your race? No problem.  Jump in the rear seat and take advantage of the Blendtec® blender and cupboard full of snacks.  You can store whatever you need for the blender in the refrigerator that’s also in the back seat.

“This fun RAV4 brings together a triathlete’s passion for a healthy, active lifestyle and the drive for pushing ourselves to race faster and smarter,” said triathlete, Sarah Haskins, in a press release. “The cutting-edge tools incorporated in the vehicle will help us continue to build our racing skills, while enabling us to relax a little too.”

We can think of some times when a mobile shower could come in handy.  Would you want a shower in your car?

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