Toyota RAV4 EV History

Toyota RAV4 EV History

Toyota RAV4 EV History


The Toyota RAV4 EV is an all-electric compact crossover SUV, and everything about the design of it screams electric vehicle. The sleek front fascia features an EV badge and exterior chrome “ELECTRIC” badges. This compact crossover doesn’t leave you guessing; there is no mistaking that this is an EV.

Early History

The first fleet version of the RAV4 EV was available on a limited basis from 1997 to 2003. The RAV4 EV was available for lease by businesses, cities, or utilities in California. A total of 1,484 were leased or sold in California to meet the state’s mandate for zero-emissions vehicles.

Due to a change in Toyota corporate policy, the Toyota RAV4 EV was made available to the general public for sale in 2002, however production of the RAV4 EV stopped shortly after.

Recent History

Beginning in May 2010, Toyota collaborated with Tesla to bring the RAV4 EV back to life, developing the second-generation RAV4 EV. Tesla’s electric motor and batteries were used inside the Toyota platform and body. Now available to both fleet customers and individual consumers, the RAV4 EV is eligible for substantial government rebates and incentives, making the electric vehicle more affordable than ever.

Toyota RAV4 EV Efficiency

The US Environmental Protection Agency rated the RAV4 EV at 76 mpg combined fuel economy, and its battery provides an extended mode, which is capable of driving a distance of 113 miles. Efficiency is the name of the RAV4 EV’s game!


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