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Toyota Onramp to Explore Future of Driving

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Toyota i-Road Onramp conference

The Toyota i-Road

A couple of decades ago, hybrid vehicles weren’t a thing, but now it’s common to see them out and about on a daily basis. Now, Toyota is releasing its first hydrogen-powered car, and it’s possible that in 20 years the roads will be crawling with these types of vehicles. It’s difficult to predict the future of the automotive industry, but Toyota’s Onramp conference will allow drivers, investors, and innovators to join with the automaker and explore the future of driving together.

The Onramp conference will be held on November 13th at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The event is invite-only, but you can apply for an invitation via the Onramp website. Those lucky enough to attend will be able to partake in a number of exciting events, including test-driving the i-Road and Mirai, participating in the Smart Mobility Challenge, and listening to speakers who are experts on smart mobility finance, urban planning, and engineering.

Toyota i-Road

The Smart Mobility Challenge will allow attendees to imagine how the i-Road could help change life for residents in the Bay Area. The grand prize winner will receive $15,000, while second-place will pick up $3,000 and third-place $2,000. The winner will have the chance to work with Toyota on his or her ideas, potentially seeing them come to life on the streets.

The Toyota i-Road is currently undergoing testing in Toyko, Japan; and Grenoble, France.