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Toyota Plans to Improve Fuel Economy in Next Prius by 10%

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Fuel Economy in Next Prius

Fuel economy in next Prius to increase by 10%

Toyota met with a gathering of reporters just outside Detroit last week and made some pretty exciting claims about what the Japanese automaker has in-store in the coming years in regards to the Toyota Prius.

Among the news were Toyota’s plans to make its plug-in hybrid electric cars easier to recharge, and the announcement that it will unveil a hydrogen fuel cell car in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but it won’t hit the market until 2015.

With those two announcements planned for the future, news that Toyota plans to improve fuel economy by at least 10 percent in its next-generation Prius stole the show.

“The next-generation Prius will combine our advanced battery technologies with new electric motors that are smaller in size and feature improved power density,” said Toyota Managing Officer, Satoshi Ogiso. “The current Prius motor provides four times the power density of the first. The next Prius power density will be even higher.”

A key in bolstering the Prius’ mpg rating will be a lighter, more advanced battery pack.

Which of Toyota’s announcements has you looking to the future?