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Toyota Prius Stands as California’s Best-Selling Vehicle in 2013

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California's Best-Selling Vehicle in 2013 - Toyota Prius

California’s Best-Selling Vehicle in 2013 – Toyota Prius

A Bloomberg report released on Valentine’s Day indicates that California’s love affair with the Toyota Prius was still going strong during the last calendar year, as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle staved off Tesla’s charge to remain California’s best-selling vehicle in 2013.

The article states that the Prius moved an impressive 69,728 units (this includes all four models—the Prius, Prius c, Prius v, and Prius Plug-In—and their various trim levels) in what is America’s largest market for new cars. According to the comprehensive report from the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), Toyota controlled a whopping 21.7 percent of the California new vehicle market in 2013, and hybrid vehicles (not including plug-in hybrids) increased their market share of all new autos sold in California to nearly 7 percent.

The number of hybrids sold in the Golden State has nearly doubled since 2009, when 61,292 hybrid units were moved. 117,215 hybrid vehicle sold in California throughout 2013, and the Toyota Prius was responsible for very nearly 60 percent of that figure.

The Prius stood as California’s best-selling vehicle in 2013 by a narrow margin over the Honda Civic, which moved 66,982 units. The Camry and Corolla rounded out the top five with sales of 56,788 and 52,167 units, respectively.

Despite being named the “Most Loved Vehicle in America” in a StrategicVision study also released on Valentine’s Day, the all-electric Tesla Model S only managed 8,347 sales.

The report also reveals that the Camry and Corolla were two of the most popular used vehicles sold in California during 2013; the Camry moved just shy of 40,000 pre-owned models, and the Corolla moved around 32,000.

Given that the Prius was California’s best-selling vehicle in 2013 and that California largely has its finger on the pulse of the mainstream, we want to know: are you considering a Prius for your next purchase?