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Toyota is Ready to Roll. Foam Roll, That Is.

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Are you ever innocently scrolling though your Facebook news feed when you suddenly happen upon something that just seems… out of place? That’s exactly what happened to us at The News Wheel this morning when we discovered that apparently Toyota is now giving foam rolling advice to athletes via Runner’s World magazine. Check it out:

Toyota wants you to know that it cares about your muscles. As the muscular man in the video demonstrates, you can use a foam roller to help relieve tightness in your calves, quadriceps, spine, pectoral muscles, shoulders, and more. By doing so, you will help your muscles recover from a tough workout and lower your risk of injury. It’s clear that a foam roller is an ideal Christmas gift for any athlete.

foam rolling advice

The Toyota Camry says, “Roll your muscles!”

What’s not clear is just what this has to do with Toyota—or, to be more specific, “The Bold New Camry.” Maybe when Toyota redesigned its popular sedan for 2015, it also added a touch more empathy for distance runners and weightlifters. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can easily fit a foam roller—or even multiple foam rollers—in the Camry’s spacious trunk. Perhaps you can even foam roll IN your Camry with the rear seats collapsed!

No matter the reason, we have to concede that it’s a mighty helpful video, and we may or may not be adding foam rollers to our Christmas lists.