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Toyota Shows Off Mirai Fuel Cell Car at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car

The Toyota Mirai will be sold in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark

The 2016 Toyota Mirai is one of the most exciting new releases in the automotive world this year. Despite the fact that the North American model will only be for sale in certain regions of California at first, enthusiasts are buzzing about the vehicle that’s powered entirely by hydrogen and emits only water vapor. Recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota launched the Mirai to the European market.

While the Japanese automaker expects to sell 3,000 units in the US by the end of 2017, those figures are much more modest in Europe. Toyota will offer the sedan for sale in Britain, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany—the only countries with existing or planned hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Across these four countries, the brand hopes to move between 50 and 100 Mirais by the end of 2016, and has already taken orders for 47.

Drivers in Germany will have to pay 66,000 Euros for the hydrogen-powered car, which comes out to approximately $74,134 with today’s exchange rates. Here in the US, that price is significantly lower, at $57,500, and comes with a California state rebate of $5,000.

Toyota hopes that once hydrogen stations become more widespread, it’ll be able to offer the vehicle at a much more affordable price by the middle of the next decade. However, with other automakers being slow to adapt hydrogen technology, it’s possible that it’ll be much longer than that before you see your average Joe driving a Mirai down the street.

News Source: US News & World Report