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Toyota Supra Could Still Get a Manual

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2020 Toyota GR Supra Renaissance Red
Photo: Toyota

The new Toyota Supra has been the talk of the car industry for the last few weeks, and while it has been generally very well received, there has been one major point of criticism Toyota hasn’t been able to escape: the lack of a manual transmission.

But according to an exchange between Automobile and a Toyota representative, the possibility of a manual Supra coming to market is not completely out of the question. Crucially, the BMW just announced that the Z4, which was jointly built with the Supra and shares its engine, would receive a stick. This would suggest that if Toyota wanted to, it could do the same to the Supra with relative ease.

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When asked if BMW’s announcement meant anything for the Supra, this is what the Toyota representative had to say:

“We may have heard a time or two (or more) that there’s a desire for a manual transmission in the Supra. However, we’re confident in the performance of the current setup…We feel it’s the optimal combination for the US market at this time and we’re anxious for customers to drive the new Supra and experience it for themselves. We’ll be sure to check back into the conversation at that time and see what people have to say.”

Toyota’s decision to omit a manual in the new Supra is not surprising. After all, even the 86 — Toyota’s entry-level sports car, one that just begs to be driven with a manual — has a desperately manual take rate of 33 percent. So while Toyota seems open to the possibility of a manual Supra, it wants to gauge initial reactions to the car make sure it’s going to be worth it first.

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News Source: Automobile Magazine