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Toyota Tops Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings for Second Year Running

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Toyota tops Consumer Reports reliability rankings

The Camry helps Toyota dominate the Consumer Reports reliability rankings list

Out of all the factors you take into account when considering a new car, reliability probably ranks pretty highly. One of the best ways to determine which automakers produce the most reliable cars is to ask your friends and family for their opinions, but sometimes you need extra information to help you make an informed decision. Studies like the Consumer Reports reliability rankings are perfect for seeing what real consumers think of their cars, and this year Toyota made out like a champ, raking up a top-place finish for the second year in a row.

Toyota was joined in the top two by its luxury sister brand, Lexus, and in the top ten by other Japanese automakers like Mazda, Honda, and Subaru. Toyota’s Scion also ranked in the top 10, completing the Toyota Group’s hat trick.

The reliability ratings list is compiled using data collected from 1.1 million consumers (down from 1.3 million last year), so this is one of those surveys that takes into account real drivers’ experiences rather than the fancies of automotive journalists.

Jake Fisher, head of auto testing for Consumer Reports, praised the Japanese automaker, saying, “Toyota has a strategy that emphasizes reliability over excitement. They take a conservative approach to redesign and roll out new features slowly. The risk is they may not have the latest bells and whistles, but the reward is world class reliability.”

That reliability is one of the factors contributing towards Toyota’s stellar sales figures, which showed the automaker continuing on its track to being the world’s best-selling automaker in 2014.

Toyota’s approach to making cars might not be the most exciting, but its top place in the Consumer Reports reliability rankings list shows that flashiness does not always equal higher sales.