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Toyota’s Future Looks Green With New Announcements

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Toyota’s Future Looks Green

Toyota’s future looks green

At a recent event in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Toyota gathered together one of each of its hybrid vehicles from around the world to recognize 16 years of paving the way toward more efficient vehicles.  Though the event focused so much attention on that which has already come to pass, it didn’t stop the automaker from looking forward to its future.  From all accounts, Toyota’s future is looking quite green.

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Toyota’s managing officer Satoshi Ogiso discussed the future of its hybrid program and the upcoming fourth-generation Prius.

“Our next generation of hybrids will feature improved batteries with higher density,” Ogiso is quoted as saying.  Auto Week notes that Ogiso also discussed the proliferation of nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion battery tech thanks to a steady stream of research and development funds.

Ogiso also lauded the advancements apparent in the current-gen Prius, which boasts four times better power density than that of the first Prius introduced in 1997.  Not content to stop there, he assured reporters that Toyota’s future Prius will only continue to improve upon hybrid capabilities.

Other topics discussed included a wireless/inductive charging system and increased focus on hydrogen fuel cell tech.  Toyota was recently identified as the lead filer of green tech patents in 2012 by the Intellectual Property Owners Association, which leads us to believe that Toyota will only continue to pave the way forward into the future of automotive.

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