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Traffic Laws in Pennsylvania and Beyond

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Everyone is aware that they must obey the rules of the road in order to avoid a hefty ticket, a driving suspension, a serious accident, or a combination of the three. However, some laws are slightly trickier than others. Not only might you be forced to accommodate for the needs of livestock in some states, but other areas will dictate that you cannot leave a sheep unattended within your vehicle while going to the restroom. There is no doubt that the United States is an interesting country and the laws below certainly prove this point.


None of us enjoy being disturbed while having a bite to eat, and the authorities in Arkansas have taken this observation to the next level. If you were planning to honk your horn near a sandwich shop, think again. This action is illegal after 9 p.m.  So save that honking for the morning or evening rush hour.


California has always been known as a progressive state. Still, women need to overcome a few hurdles, such as the dreaded housecoat. Did you know that it is illegal for a woman to drive while wearing a housecoat in California? We really have to wonder why and how this law came about. Either way, any women who were planning to don this article of clothing will be left slightly disappointed.


Alabama should be known as the State of Common Sense due to this next law. While we are all sticklers for the obvious, the Alabama legislature must have had to prove a point in the past. Surprisingly, it is not legal to operate a motor vehicle within this state if you happen to be wearing a blindfold. We have to wonder why this law ever needed to be passed in the first place. Perhaps a repeat offender or a group of blindfold-wearing college kids? Either way, be sure to leave that blindfold at home.


Pennsylvania is not exempt from this list, particularly when referring to animals. Let’s assume for a moment that you happen to come across a pack of livestock while on a road trip. What should you do? According to the laws in Pennsylvania, you first need to pull over before providing these bovine buddies with a “warning signal” before letting them pass. The exact type of signal is unclear, so be sure to bring along an air horn, a shotgun, and a few road flares.

There is no doubt that these rules and regulations are out of the ordinary. However, these are only a handful of the most interesting examples. You can see some of the strangest laws and regulations here to learn more.

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