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Two More “Serial One” Videos Provide Update on Honda N600 Restoration Process

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Honda N600 No. 1000001 became the very first Honda automobile in America when it arrived here back in 1969. Now, nearly fifty years after it was produced, that model is being painstakingly restored to its original condition by Los Angeles-based auto mechanic Tim Mings, and will eventually find its way to an exhibit in Ohio Honda’s Heritage Center and Museum.

The process of bringing the historic Honda N600 back to life is being documented by the Japanese automaker, with a continuing YouTube documentary series called “Serial One.”

The last time we checked in, we got to see Mings removing dents from the N600’s body, removing its rusty flywheel, and retelling the story of how the car came into his possession in the first place.

This week, Honda released two more short “Serial One” videos, providing updates on the car’s engine and new body.

Take a look:

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Frankly, this one’s kind of a tease. In the video, Mings is mostly describing the process of getting the engine ready to run, and promises to eventually “film it running on the stand,” but unfortunately the motor’s not ready to perform just yet.

The next video is a bit more satisfying, as it shows the powder coating process that the body is undergoing.

Check it out:

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“No one will ever see that part again,” Mings says as he holds up a piece of the N600, “but if it’s restored like it was new, this is going to be here in another fifty years for people to see.”

The commitment to revitalizing and protecting every nook and cranny shows how dedicated they are to truly restoring the first Honda, and makes us excited to see what the finished product eventually looks like.