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Two Suspects Found in Port-a-Potty, Presumed Down in the Dumps

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Police report that two men suspected of speeding, driving a stolen car, and ramming a police cruiser were found hiding in a port-a-potty.

The chase began when a Washington State Police officer clocked the suspects’ vehicle travelling at 86 mph. When the officer tried to pull over the car, they fled, leading to a high-speed chase. During the chase, the suspects drove into a residential area, rammed a pickup truck, and then backed up into the pursuing patrol car before continuing the chase.

Eventually, the suspects bailed out of the car in Auburn, Washington, and fled into the woods (hey, it worked for Robin Hood).

After hours of searching, the suspects were found in a port-a-potty (not a Robin Hood strategy). One was apprehended immediately, while the other was able to run for a bit before being stopped by a K-9 unit. He tried to fight the dog, ending up with a number of bite wounds.

The officer whose car was hit was uninjured, and other than the dog bites, the only injuries were one officer, who sustained minor head injuries. Local NBC affiliate KING 5’s Jesse Knutson followed the chase and tweeted updates, including a nice shot of the injured officer washing off his head with a garden hose.

No word yet on the puns used by the officers on the way back to the station, such as “I bet you’re pretty pissed we found you, huh?” or “Why’d you stop running? Get pooped?”

News Source: KING 5