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Tyke Pulled Over for Speeding in Ohio

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Xenia Police Tiny Boy

We all remember the first time we were pulled over by the police. No matter how old you were when it happened, your heart started to beat wildly. Even though you might know exactly what you’re getting pulled over for, you’re never quite sure what the ticket is for before the cop walks up to the side of the car.

If adults regularly freak out when pulled over (and sometimes do some stupid things thinking they can escape the long arm of the law), imagine what it must feel like to be pulled over as a child. Braydon Miller, barely a year old, was stopped by police in Xenia, Ohio, this past week. According to the police, the tiny PowerWheel was stopped for going too fast on the city street on his way to an Easter Egg Hunt. If that toy car was really able to break the local speed limit of 25 miles per hour, though, we are very impressed.

Of course, the whole thing was a great photo opportunity for the family and the police department. According to local news station WHIO, the boy’s father actually stopped the police officer on patrol and asked for a photo. Even if the photo is just a funny gag, we can’t wait to see what happens when Braydon turns 16. Something tells me that this picture will be printed and plastered everywhere once he can get his license as a way to remind him that reckless driving is never a good idea.

News Source: WHIO