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UAE’s Record-Breaking Car Formation and Other Types of Synchronized Driving

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While many Americans were out shopping for last-minute costumes or candy in prep for Halloween, they might’ve overlooked an exciting headline. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) broke the Guinness World Record world record for the Largest Synchronized Car Dance.

The UAE’s take on synchronized driving

According to Gulf News, 180 4×4 vehicles outlined the shape of a giant falcon at the Dubai Rugby 7s stadium. International racing driver Axcil Jefferies led the dance formation. The formation was comprised of two concentric lines of 4x4s driving in opposite directions.

It’s hard to tell just how large the formation was, based on the aerial shot alone. However, Gulf News deputy editor Yousra Zaki reports that the shape itself measured 176.5 by 225 meters. Additionally, the vehicles drove a total distance of 1,476 meters, which translates to a bit under 1 mile.

Police officers from Dubai won last year’s world record for the largest synchronized car dance. The formation consisted of 143 cars, which formed an outline of a smiley face.

Other takes on synchronized driving

While the term “synchronized driving” can definitely encompass the UAE’s record-breaking achievement, it does have a bit broader history. Some car companies had synchronized driving teams to show how ordinary car models could perform stunts. This term can also refer to car stunt sequences in movies.

Currently, the phrase “synchronized driving” has an autonomous driving connotation. It refers to how a self-driving vehicle can communicate with other vehicles as well as traffic lights and signals, to “sync” with the flow of traffic.

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