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UAW Chairman Calls XT5 “Computer on Wheels”

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Cadillac XT5

A spy shot of what will likely be the Cadillac XT5
Photo: Saw930/Opposite Lock

Cadillac has been largely silent with regards to its SRX-succeeding XT5 crossover, likely waiting for some precise and well-timed moment to reveal to the world the latest vehicle in its planned product onslaught. While there’s little to glean from the automaker, the UAW Chairman of the Spring Hill, Tennessee plant where it is being built had a bit to say on the matter.

Speaking with The Columbia Daily Herald, United Auto Workers 1853 Chairman Mike Herron referred to the XT5 as a “computer on wheels,” saying that its electronics package will be “hard to fathom” and that his team has had to undergo a great degree of training to prepare for it.

While Herron was not forthcoming with many specifics, he did confirm that it’s likely to break cover in the coming months, putting it right on track for a 2015 LA Auto Show reveal.

“The [XT5] is very sophisticated,” Herron told the Herald. “It has a lot of safety options and electronics that we have not seen in a vehicle before. It’s really, truly a computer on wheels. It requires different skill sets to build the vehicle. Luckily, we have an astute, world-class workforce that can build the vehicle here in Spring Hill.”

Expect more details on the XT5 in the weeks leading to the LA Auto Show, which begins November 21st.

News Source: The Columbia Daily Herald