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Uber Dating Show Coming Soon

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Uber Ride

Uber and Lyft are taking over how millennials think about getting around. It’s so easy to hail a ride from your phone and know exactly when it will arrive, unlike when you call a traditional cab. It was only a matter of time, then, that an Uber became the setting for a game show. Yellow Cabs have Cash Cab, and Uber rides will get Rideshare the Luv.

Before you judge it for using “luv” instead of “love”, in the graphics for the show, the “U” in the shortened word is the Uber logo, so it is actually fairly clever. Comedian Stroy Moyd is the Uber driver behind the game show idea, and it is a bit less creepy than it might sound. First of all, Moyd picks up a passenger. From the look of his promo video for the concept, the Uber riders are set up to be involved by someone in advance, so this is not just sprung on them at Moyd’s discretion. The passenger is then blindfolded, and two potential dates join them in the car. Like the dating game shows of old, the blindfolded passenger then gets to ask the potential dates questions about themselves, and then chooses a winner. The fun isn’t over yet, however, as the chosen date can then choose to go on a date right then and there, or take a cash prize from the driver and run.

Check out a video of Rideshare the Luv below, but be aware that the language can get pretty unsafe for work.

The show has been picked up by a producer to be shopped around to all the usual outlets. We’ll be honest, it doesn’t look like smart television, but it seems to be pretty funny and something we could definite binge watch for a laugh.

News Source: Tech Crunch