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Uber Shuts Down UberEats Instant Delivery in NYC

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Uber Eats

UberEats Instant Delivery lunch menu is no longer available in NYC after only one month

Uber has decided to shut down its UberEats Instant Delivery lunch service in New York City. This service, which was introduced over a year ago, laid a variety of foods at New Yorkers’ finger tips. It made ordering lunch as simple as pushing a button. Now, though, busy New Yorkers are just going to have to make a trip to their local bodega for a quick bite to eat.

“In order to bring you the most exciting selection, the highest quality food, and the fastest delivery time, we’ve decided to narrow our focus,” said Uber in an email to users. “Starting today, 4/18, we’ll no longer be offering a daily Instant Delivery lunch menu.”


The Instant Delivery service allowed UberEats app users to choose from a menu of preselected items. These items changed each day, but all came from local restaurants. The delivery system’s promise was to deliver these specific menu items in only 10 minutes, which allowed the app to market specifically to those workers that might only have 30 minutes for a lunch break.

This service worked because UberEats drivers didn’t pickup food up from the restaurant each time something was ordered; instead, Uber brought a certain amount of inventory to a holding facility in Midtown Manhattan and delivered it to the curb of the customer’s address rather than the customer’s door.

While this service sounds like a great idea, there’s no telling how profitable it could have been. Based on the rate in which it shut down, I’m going to assume that it wasn’t profitable at all.

If you live outside of New York City, though, don’t worry—UberEats’ Instant Delivery service is still up and running everywhere else. At least, it is for now.

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