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Uber Takes It To The Next Level In Dubai

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Photo: Scott Smith

Whether you actively use Uber, or you prefer you drive yourself, you have to admit that the app offers some pretty exciting options. In their larger markets, the service offers everything from several varieties of car to delivery services. While I chose the affordable UberPOOL option in New York to stay on budget, it was pretty awesome to see all of the ride options I had, like big SUVs and luxury vehicles. As the app grows, it continues to experiment with different forms of transportation, from UberBOAT in Istanbul, to UberCHOPPER in the Coachella Valley and Dubai.

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Recently, the company has announced plans to expand services in Dubai once more, but this time for yachts. You heard me correctly, if you’re in Dubai and really would like to attend a yacht party, Uber can help you out. The new service deviates from the original model in that you’re essentially purchasing a ticket to save you a spot at a yacht party featuring drinks, DJs, and good food for about $82 a person, instead of saving a whole vehicle.

Unlike the car service, where rides are requested when they are needed, users wanting to reserve a spot in a floating palace will need to give Uber 48 hours notice. There also does not seem to be any plans to launch a service to allow users to reserve the whole vessel for a ride. Considering how Uber rides late at night, coupled with surge pricing, can easily empty out your bank account faster than it takes you to realize what’s going on, it’s probably good that you can’t drunkenly request a giant boat come meet you at the dock because “it sounded like a good idea at the time.”

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Hopefully, UberYACHT will catch on and come to the United States. Taking an UberBLACK to a dock in Manhattan to an exclusive UberYACHT party seems like an awesome way to celebrate something special. If nothing else, it will allow you to taste how the one percent lives, just for one night.

News Source: CNN