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Uber Testing New Ride-Sharing Program in San Francisco

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Uber Drivers Delivering Food Orders Via UberEats

This new app will make it easier for drivers to pick up passengers going in the same direction
Photo: Paul Goddin

While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Uber of late, the rideshare company’s popularity doesn’t seem like it’s decreasing anytime soon. Now, it’s likely that Uber is going to get even more popular—at least in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Uber is introducing a new feature in their app that will make Bay Area residents life that much easier. Drivers are now able to specify where they’re heading in order to get matched with passengers heading in the same direction. This will make it easier for Uber drivers to connect with users who simply need a ride home or to run some errands around town, allowing them to earn fares along their own errand-running route.

Uber Car Service

Basically, all Uber trip requests will be matched to drivers traveling in the direction of the passengers’ destinations. Drivers will set their destination twice a day in three easy steps. They just tap the clipboard icon in the top left corner of the app, select a saved location or new address, and then drive toward the destination.

So, if you wouldn’t mind getting paid while you’re going about on your own errands, it might make sense for you to become an Uber driver sometime soon. This new feature is being tested in the Bay Area over the next few weeks, but will make its way to larger markets in the future.

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