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Uber Wants Its Drivers to Relax, Learn During Downtime

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Uber is telling its drivers to relax during downtime on the job

Uber is trying to establish itself as a company that cares about its employees, which is coming more and more obvious. While it’s been in hot water in the past for the way it treats its employees, the transportation giant now wants its employees to take a load off when during their moments of downtime. To illustrate this, Uber has published a new post to its Newsroom blog for drivers that suggests activities these drivers can take part in.

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In the post, which is titled “3 Delightful Things To Try Between Trips,” Uber acknowledges that drivers sometimes have to wait for their next trip. The post states, “Part of the reality of being an Uber partner are the waits for your next trip request… use them as an opportunity to a well-deserved break during these quieter times to keep yourself refreshed and ready to roll.”

One of the refreshing methods Uber suggests is for drivers to go stretch their legs and take a “leisurely stroll around a new neighborhood you haven’t visited before.” While this might seem counterintuitive to a driver’s need to make the most his or her job to make the most money possible, the post goes on to point out that learning about a new area means that drivers will have more interesting talking points to share with riders.

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Next, drivers are told to listen to music while they’re waiting to get their next trip request. Uber also suggests that they read a book, citing libraries as a great place to head for a new book. “Aside from browsing book collections, many libraries also offer free computers and WiFi at no charge, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, and CDs. Many libraries also offer a lineup of entertainment that includes special events, workshops, and activities that’ll boost the downtown of your next break.”

Who knew libraries were still a thing? Obviously, only Uber.

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While these three suggestions are definitely common sense relaxation ideas, it brings up a big question—why would Uber suggest activities that could cut into the amount of money their drivers make?

It’s an interesting post on Uber’s part to say the least.

News Source: Uber Newsroom